The role of Pretreatment Film Agent

Pretreatment Film Agent is a mixture of chelating agents, dispersants, pre-treatment film-forming agents, and surfactants.
Chelating agents can chemically adsorb iron and calcium, forming a hard film on the surface of metals.
This product has the advantages of rapid film formation, uniform film layer, chemical stability, and low corrosion rate.
Suitable for pre-treatment film formation of new system equipment and pipelines, or for use after major repairs.
KR-707 is not affected by copper and iron ions in the water system.

Pretreatment Film Agent Specifications:

Appearance: Brown transparent liquid
Solid content: minimum 20.0%
Density (20 ℃): 1.25 ± 0.1 g/cm ³
PH value (1% aqueous solution): 2.0 ± 1.0

Pretreatment Film Agent Usage:

The recommended dosage is 200-500mg/L.
The cold pre-treatment film formation time is 48-72 hours, and the hot state is 24-48 hours.

Pretreatment Film Agent Packaging and storage:

Packaging: 200 liter plastic drums or 1000 liter container drums, or according to customer requirements.
Storage: In a cool and dry place, with a shelf life of one year.

Security protection:

The product is acidic, avoid contact with eyes and skin.
Once in contact, rinse immediately with water.