What is the function of edtmps

EDTMPS, also known as ethylenediamine tetramethylphosphate, are important corrosion inhibitors and chelating agents. It has multiple uses in industry, including but not limited to the following aspects:
Corrosion inhibitors: EDTMPs can prevent metal corrosion and rusting by forming a protective film on the metal surface, and are commonly used in industrial fields such as boiler water treatment and pipeline cleaning.
Chelating agent: Due to its excellent chelating performance, EDTMPs can combine with metal ions to form stable complexes, preventing the deposition and scaling of metal ions on the inner walls of equipment or pipelines, and helping to maintain the normal operation of equipment.
Coordination agent: In some chemical processes, EDTMPS can also participate in the reaction as a coordination agent to adjust the reaction rate and product selectivity.
Overall, as a multifunctional chemical, EDTMPs mainly play a role in corrosion inhibition, chelation, and coordination, and are widely used in industrial production and water treatment fields