what's ATMP-Na4 meaning?

ATMP-Na4 is a type of phosphonate used in various water treatment applications. It is known for its ability to form stable chelates with metal ions, which makes it effective as a sequestering agent. Here are some typical uses:

  1. Boiler Water Treatment: ATMP-Na4 can be used to prevent scale formation and corrosion in boilers by sequestering calcium and other metal ions.

  2. Cooling Water Systems: It helps to prevent the deposition of minerals that can cause scale and reduce the efficiency of heat exchange.

  3. Reverse Osmosis Systems: ATMP-Na4 can be used to prevent fouling and scaling in reverse osmosis membranes.

  4. Industrial Cleaning: It can be used in cleaning formulations to help remove mineral deposits.

  5. Metal Treatment: It is also used in the metalworking industry to prevent corrosion and promote the formation of stable passivation layers on metal surfaces.

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